Brexit Making Contracting for Non-UK Clients ‘More Difficult’

11 December 2023

Research by Workwell & IPSE shows that more than one in four contractors do some work for overseas clients.

Nearly 1 in 10 contractors are considering working overseas.

Brexit has made working for non-UK clients more difficult for contractors with more than one in three reporting issues, new research* from Workwell shows.

The study by Workwell & IPSE found non-UK business makes up a substantial part of business for contractors. Around 27% questioned say they do some work for clients based outside the UK.

Around 35% say this has become more difficult since Brexit. Despite the potential issues, 9% of contractors questioned said they are considering moving abroad to work with the potential to earn more being the biggest motivator for moving alongside concerns about domestic issues.

Around 38% of those considering working as contractors abroad say they can earn more. The same number are considering moving because of worries about the UK crime rate, while 25% blame the relatively poor performance of the UK economy and the cost of living crisis.

Chris Mollan, our Head of Accountancy Services, said: “Working for non-UK clients makes up a substantial part of the UK contracting market with more than a quarter of contractors working for some clients based abroad and many contractors considering working overseas.

“Those contractors who are already working abroad or are considering this, and those with clients based overseas, need expert support on accountancy and tax in order to make sure their business runs smoothly.

“The number of contractors who have run into problems post-Brexit underlines the need for planning and advice.”

Our specialist accountancy service is designed to help contractors, freelancers and business owners to manage their businesses easily and tax-efficiently, wherever they are. Clients are supported by their own dedicated accountant and have online accounting to access and manage their accounts easily, from anywhere.


Workwell commissioned independent research agency Viewsbank to interview 1,447 adults aged 18-plus between July 6th and 18th 2023 including 398 who are self-employed, freelancers or contractors

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Brexit Making Contracting for Non-UK Clients ‘More Difficult’

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Brexit Making Contracting for Non-UK Clients ‘More Difficult’

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Brexit Making Contracting for Non-UK Clients ‘More Difficult’

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