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Well, what more could you ask for?

Straight-forward support from CIS experts.

Maximise your income and work compliantly.  We offer a clear and comprehensive service to make life easier for you.

Why Workwell?

We are specialists

Get the most from CIS contracting 

Our service has been designed to enable you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility which comes with being self-employed. It’s open to anyone in the construction industry who is registered with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) with HMRC. Once registered, you can join our CIS service at any time and then go to work, safe in the knowledge that you are compliant with HMRC’s rules.


CIS specialists

We have deep experience and knowledge of CIS contracting, so can help you navigate the scheme.

Complete compliance

We are compliance experts which means you can go to work knowing we’re keeping you safe.

Here to help

Our CIS experts are available to help you with any queries.  Call us whenever you have a question.

Well, what’s included?

All the benefits of working through Workwell CIS, supersized

  • FREE assessment to ensure CIS is a suitable option for you
  • 100% compliant – we understand CIS compliance so you don’t have to
  • Get paid on time, every time – our simple process means no delays, no matter what
  • Simple and easy registration – ready to work without delay
  • Detailed pay illustrations so you know exactly what to expect
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