Free Webinar: Being Tax Efficient in 2023

27 January 2023

Join us for a free webinar:

“Headlines for the New Tax Year for Business and Personal Finance”

Thursday, 2nd February 2023: 1pm – 2pm
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Taxation for most of us will change in April. Join our webinar to find out what’s changing and what you can do about it to ensure you’re managing your money tax-efficiently. This webinar is open to all, you do not need to be a Workwell client to join.

Our Speakers


Chris James, Head of Accounting and Tax at Workwell

Chris will run through the issues on personal and company tax as we approach the end of what has been a tumultuous tax year.

What’s changing, what isn’t, and what actions should you consider as a result?




Duncan Craze, Head of Financial Planning, Contractor Wealth

Duncan will give an insight into preparing for the tax year from a wealth management perspective, helping you consider how best to manage your overall finances.



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Free Webinar: Being Tax Efficient in 2023

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Free Webinar: Being Tax Efficient in 2023

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Free Webinar: Being Tax Efficient in 2023

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