How to join the CIS scheme

How to join the CIS scheme

Dec 29, 2021


You can join CIS at any time, whether you’re at the start of your contracting career or if you’ve been contracting for a while.

When joining the CIS scheme, you simply register for the scheme directly with HMRC. Once you’ve done that, you will receive a Unique Tax Reference number which you’ll need to send to us.

Paying tax as a CIS contractor

Once you are registered as a Workwell CIS contractor, we will invoice your recruitment agency or end client for the hours you have worked. We will then calculate and deduct the tax you have to pay on the CIS rate of 20% and then pass the net payment on to you.

You will have access to weekly payment records through our secure online portal. At the end of the year, you’ll need to complete a self-assessment tax return and it’s at this point that you can claim tax relief on legitimate business expenses. We can undertake this on your behalf with no up-front fee required.

Self-assessment tax return

Your self-assessment tax return needs to show your full income for the year and the deductions made from each payslip including itemised business expenses. We can work with you to complete your tax return, helping you do so accurately and on time.

HMRC will work out your tax and National Insurance bill, taking into account the deductions made throughout the year. If you still owe tax you’ll need to pay it by 31 January, or if a refund is due it will be calculated and paid directly by HMRC.

How to get help

Our specialist team is here to help make it easier to work in a compliant manner and pay the correct amount of tax, giving you peace of mind.

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