International Employed

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Overseas contracting Simplified  

How does our international employed service work?

1. Local payroll company

We provide a local company that employs you on behalf of the end client.

As this will be an employment contract it means we will run a monthly payroll deducting all tax and social security costs at source and you will receive a net pay along with a payslip.

All tax and social security will be paid to the authorities in the country of work following local legislation at local tax and social security rates.

2. Administrative support

Each month you will submit timesheets to your agency.

Then, we will generate the invoice for them from our UK limited company.

On the day we receive funds from your agency, we will run the payroll and pay your net payment into your chosen account.

You will receive a net pay along with a payslip detailing the deductions made to the local authorities.

3. Professional Insurances

Included in the service is employer liability, professional indemnity and public liability insurance which protects you and the people you work with.