International Self-Employed

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Overseas contracting simplified  

How does our international self-employed service work?

1. An in-country accountant

We provide a local tax accountant who will assist you in registering as self-employed in the country of work.

They will then go on to assist with all of the activities that are required to make sure that tax and social security are paid correctly, these will be things like your end of year tax return, quarterly VAT returns and processing of your expenses.

2. Administrative support

Each month you will submit timesheets to your agency, we will generate the invoice to them from our UK limited company, and then, on the day we receive funds from your agency, we will make the international payment to get the funds into your chosen account.

You will receive a gross payment and then with the help of the in-country accountant you will pay your tax and social security directly to the authorities yourself at the correct time of the year.

3. Professional Insurances

Included in the service is professional indemnity and public liability insurance which protects you and the people you work with.