Workwell partners with Contractor Wealth

7 December 2022

As accountants to thousands of contractors and SMEs across the UK, we want to do everything we can to promote financial wellbeing for those who are self-employed.


We are often asked about financial services such as pensions, savings and investments. And whilst we can advise from a tax efficiency and compliance point of view, you need an FCA-accredited organisation to provide regulated financial advice.

That’s why we’re partnered with Contractor Wealth, the leading providers of independent financial services to the self-employed. Contractor Wealth is the sister company of CMME, also a partner of Workwell, specialising in mortgages for contractors and freelancers.

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Contractor Wealth can help you make the most of your money by providing tailored advice and support on everything from personal pensions to investments. By understanding your individual circumstances and plans for the future, the team at Contractor Wealth can help you put your money to work.

The team can advise you on:

  • Life insurance/protection
  • Investments
  • Pensions & retirement planning
  • General insurance
  • Health & long-term care
  • Estate planning


Personal pensions & investments

  • Pensions – get on track for your retirement planning and use the funds in your business efficiently. Review any existing pension provisions to make sure you aren’t taking unnecessary risk.
  • Investments – ensure you aren’t missing out on any potential growth by having a review of your investment planning.

Tax efficiency & ISAs

  • Tax efficiency – make the most of your annual allowance to ensure you are as tax efficient as possible as once the allowances are gone, they are generally gone forever.
  • ISAs – make the most of your £20,000 annual ISA allowance between cash and investment based ISA’s to make your money work harder for you.


Protection & estate planning

  • Protection – protect yourself, your business and your loved ones, either personally or by making the most of the ownership of your company.
  • Estate Planning – manage your estate effectively to ensure your loved ones aren’t paying away unnecessary tax.


The starting point is a free consultation with one of Contractor Wealth’s independent financial advisors who will get a picture of any arrangements you already have and discuss your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve financial security or make sure you’ve set aside enough for future retirement, Contractor Wealth can help.

Visit the Contractor Wealth website or call 01420 592 667 or email [email protected]

Find out about our complete range of partner services.

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Workwell partners with Contractor Wealth

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Workwell partners with Contractor Wealth

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