IR35 Complete™

IR35 Complete™

IR35 compliance solved

De-risk compliance by using our market-leading assessment tool, IR35 Complete™.

Quick, user-friendly and cost-effective, IR35 Complete™ allows you to place ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ contractors with confidence.  Our service includes everything you need to comply with IR35, from expert advice through to assessments with insurable outcomes as well as a range of payroll solutions for all scenarios.


IR35 Complete™

Since the implementation of IR35 reforms in April 2021, IR35 is now a critical issue for recruitment businesses.

Protect your organisation from risk using our market-leading assessment tool, IR35 Complete™. Quick, user-friendly and cost-effective, IR35 Complete™ allows you to place ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ contractors with confidence.

IR35 Complete™

IR35 Complete™ can be white labelled, enabling you to take hirers and workers on a seamless branded journey.

Automated Workflow
Role-based testing
User profiles
Clear reasoning
Audit trails

Fair decisions

Our tool results in more correct ‘outside’ IR35 determinations vs the CEST tool.


Delivers definitive answers quickly with no need for manual review.


Fastest IR35 assessment tool on the market, assessments can be completed within minutes

PSL management

Facilitates effective management of your PSL so contractors are always working compliantly with a reliable partner.

The Benefits

IR35 Complete™ has been designed to make it easy for you to meet and manage your compliance obligations.

Retain talent

Help more contractors work ‘outside’ IR35 compliantly by liaising with hirers proactively.

Mitigate impact

Help contractors change working practices and contracts, where necessary, to reduce ‘inside’ outcomes.

Competitive advantage

IR35 Complete™ provides a simple, efficient, and market-leading solution to IR35. Helping you win and retain business.

Unrivalled expertise

Harness our expertise to educate, guide, and communicate with your end hirers and contractors.

Reduce risk

IR35 Complete helps you mitigate risk by minimising liability, ensuring compliance and enabling insurable outcomes.

Manage expectations

Communicate new rates of working solutions to contractors to manage expectations if they receive an ‘inside’ result.

Comprehensive IR35 solutions

IR35 Complete™ includes everything you need to comply with IR35.

In addition to our market-leading assessment tool, our compliance experts will take care of everything you need:

  • All the services and support you need to manage IR35 compliantly.
  • We remove the complexity and risk to help you experience minimum disruption.
  • We’ll support your communications with consultants, contractors so everyone is clear.

If your contractors need to switch to Umbrella at any time, we have significant expertise in handling large-scale migrations:

  • Quickly deliver accurate pay illustrations and explain how pay is calculated.
  • Provide a smooth and positive onboarding experience for contractors joining our Umbrella.
  • Provide references from agencies with regards to our large transitions/migration projects.
  • Draft clear and accurate communications for workers for dissemination by your agency.

Stuart Marquis, IR35 Complete™ Business Manager

Stuart is our IR35 Complete™ specialist who can demonstrate our assessment tool to you and discuss your IR35 compliance needs. A seasoned industry professional, Stuart is backed-up by our in-house team of compliance specialists.

Email: [email protected]

Stuart Marquis

Tel: 07791 153 741

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