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Easily switch between Umbrella and
Limited Company contracting

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Work well, Your way

One of the many benefits of self-employment is the freedom to work how and when you want.

And we believe this shouldn’t be hindered by IR35. With IR35 Switch, you can take on a mixture of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ contracts compliantly by toggling between Umbrella employment and limited company contracting.  This gives you the greatest choice of roles and ensures you work tax-efficiently, all for one simple fixed fee.

How does it work?

Working through IR35 Switch couldn’t be easier.

When your contract is ‘inside’ IR35, you can ‘rest’ your PSC and work through Workwell Umbrella at no extra cost. You’ll receive a payslip with all the necessary tax deductions along with standard employee benefits & access to Workwell Rewards. And we’ll manage your PSC accounts in the background, submitting your payroll (RTI) and VAT returns if necessary.

Once your ‘inside’ contract ends, contact us and switch back to working through your PSC. At this point, your PSC will be paid direct by your agency or end client as before, and you can pay yourself a mixture of salary and dividends.

IR35 Switch

Endless flexibility

There’s no limit to the number of times you can switch between PSC and Umbrella with IR35 Switch, so you can enjoy the flexibility of contracting, compliantly maximise your take-home pay, and avoid turning down roles due to their IR35 status.

Limited Company

Use our FCSA-accredited limited company service for ‘outside’ IR35 roles

IR35 Switch


Use our FCSA-accredited Umbrella for ‘inside’ IR35 contracts

IR35 Switch

IR35 Switch

Switch seamlessly and tax-efficiently between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ IR35 roles

IR35 Switch

Here for  you

Unlimited support

We’re here to answer your questions

Need to understand what it means to be an Umbrella employee?  Got a question about limited company tax? Want to know more about IR35? We’re here to help. When you choose Workwell, you get unlimited access to our specialist team, so you can have peace of mind about compliance, tax, accounting and payroll  – no matter how you’re working.

IR35 Switch

Compliance guaranteed

Work with confidence

Our experts have been working with IR35 for years and are always here to advise you on your IR35 status and how to remain tax-efficient while acting compliantly.

We’ve been FCSA accredited since 2011, so you can feel confident we’re doing everything as we should.

IR35 Switch

Working for you

Ultimate freedom

Don't be constrained by a role's IR35 status, take control by working compliantly in a way that suits you.


Management of all your 'inside' and 'outside' contracts in one central location.

Employee benefits

Pension, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity/paternity leave & a whole host of other benefits through Workwell Umbrella.


We'll ensure you work tax-efficiently when switching between 'inside' and 'outside' IR35 roles.

IR35 Switch

Get an IR35 assessment

Use our simple online IR35 assessment tool to confirm the status of a role.  Remember, if your end hirer is considered ‘small’ by HMRC, it’s still your responsibility to assess your own IR35 status.

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