Meet our Culture Team – Christina Poole

19 January 2023

After almost 12 months, we’ve made great strides in developing a culture where our teams can thrive and this, in turn, helps our customers to succeed.

Let us introduce you to the people who are leading the culture change within Workwell.

Christina Poole is Group Talent Acquisition Lead, working alongside Kate Bates, our Chief People & Culture Officer.  Here she tells us about her career journey so far, and what inspires her.

Christina’s Career

Originally from Southeast London, I began my career as a creative hairdresser and worked my way up at the tender age of 21. My work ethic has always been ‘win, succeed and climb ethically’. Sadly, after a few years, I had to leave a career I loved as I had damaged my spine due to standing for long periods.

Fortunately, having transferable skills it led me towards sales & business development opportunities, and eventually I ‘fell’ into recruitment. I worked in mainstream recruitment for a few years, building myself up successfully to a Senior Consultant in the City of London working with top firms.

I turned my passion to support people who were furthest from the job market; working on government-funded programmes with people who were long-term unemployed, socially excluded, those with physical, mental, and learning disabilities, and finally working with people on apprenticeships. I was headhunted due to my passion, outcomes, determination, business development, change management skills and track record in turning failing sales teams into successful ones.

During this time, I qualified as a trainer and began creating and delivering employability workshops. I held 3 senior management positions, whilst based in the city. I supported the setup of 2 large training academies, writing courses on how to recruit successfully, and implementing the courses within HR departments.

I am passionate about changing people’s lives and finding the right opportunity that would offer longevity and job satisfaction. My focus at Workwell is to support the plan for internal growth, finding the best talent across the UK and offering internal personal development training.

My aim is to highlight Workwell as an employer of choice. I want people ‘beating down the door’ to be part of the formidable teams across the UK and further.

In my 10 months, I have implemented a recruitment process, configured an online recruitment platform, as well as achieved significant cost savings to the company. My latest project is the implementation of a company-wide induction programme.

Quick-Fire Questions

Career highlight

There are too many highlights, but they all incorporate the same thing – I have listened to, supported, and sourced the right employment opportunities to a vast number of individuals to find their ‘dream jobs’ and helped change their lives.

I have managed and trained teams to have this type of mindset to which they excelled. Being part of this process was and will continue to be my biggest & greatest achievement in my life as I am passionate about helping others.

Who inspires you and why?

Hard question, there are too many people, past and present who have invoked true change and have transformed mindsets.

There is still so much change that needs to take place so people across the world in disadvantaged communities can have opportunities in life and not be continually pushed to the sidelines. It is about mindsets and recognising we are all human. Everyone deserves a chance in life

Personal goal/achievement or your proudest moment?

My proudest moment is when I married my husband. I didn’t believe in true love until I met him, cheesy right? But marrying my husband and eventually adding two furry babies to the picture, is bliss.

My personal goal is to be a positive figure, to inspire and support positive change, whilst attaining my nirvana.

Your perfect day would include…

Too many things. Going to a fab restaurant, watching some of the classics in an open-air cinema, and generally, everything falling together seamlessly, hanging out with my nephew, or just having a lazy one on the beach with my husband and the boys (my dogs).

Motto you live by…

If you are not happy, do something about it. Stop moaning, you are not a tree.

Things you dislike…

I dislike people who are manipulative, abusive, and egotistical…. And badly made dishes.

Favourite holiday destination…

Kenya – I had an opportunity to go to Maasai village, which was truly an eye-opening and brilliant experience. I spent a week in the Masai Mara, which again blew my mind, I would highly recommend visiting Kenya. Beautiful country, and the people and the way of life out there is amazing.

What do you love about your job?

Everything, particularly all my colleagues across all the offices. I get an opportunity to find some great talent across the UK and be part of employee growth in the company.

First impressions at Workwell…

Professional, supportive, and inspiring company. All the teams were so warm and welcoming. I am fortunate to be here.

Can’t start the day without…

… going for a walk with my boys, with some meditation slipped in and completing it with music to set me off on my day.

Favourite book/song?

Everyday Ubuntu – Mungi Ngomane
The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
The confessions of an Economic hitman – John Perkins
How Europe underdeveloped Africa – Walter Rodney

I love music, great lyrics, and great sounds and beats of all music genres. My music taste is eclectic, one day I could be listening to current beats, music from across the world, or classical piano pieces, I have a huge selection of vinyl, CDs, even old-skool jungle and RnB, and streaming channels. Music speaks to us all; it captivates and changes our moods in seconds.

Things I like to do outside of work

I am a keen photographer and artist, I am not sure if my work is good lol, but I love it nonetheless. I love spending time with my husband and furry babies. I was recently given a VR headset and controllers for my birthday; Changed. My. World.



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