Compliance Assurance for End Hirers

Compliance Assurance for End Hirers

Simplify & de-risk your contingent labour supply chain

Our Complete Solution

The ability to access the right skills and talent is critical to building competitive advantage. However, contingent labour supply chains are often long, complex & unclear, leaving your organisation exposed to significant risk.


We can meet your UK & worldwide contingent workforce management needs, meaning you need only one compliant provider giving you complete transparency & control.

A Simpler Way

A combination of long, complex & unclear supply chains, coupled with increasing regulatory measures, means end hirers often lack visibility & control over workforces & talent.  There are reputational impacts as well as the risk of financial & statutory consequences. We provide a complete suite of workforce management solutions that enable you to:

  • Increase immediate visibility & transparency over the supply chain
  • Reduce or negate entirely any employment & tax risk
  • Facilitate straight-forward audit
  • Support contractor freelancers, leading to the retention of talent
  • Support your global contractor freelancer workforce needs
Compliance Assurance for End Hirers

The Compliance Challenge

HMRC is committed to tackling non-compliance, fraud & illegal working practices across labour supply chains. Your organisation & your staffing suppliers are expected to carry out due diligence to ensure integrity across the supply chain. HMRC will seek to recover unpaid taxes from end users & staffing businesses as a result of failure to follow guidance.

The main challenge for end hirers is that staffing supply chains are often long & complex, with staffing suppliers themselves sub-contracting the supply of labour.  This leads to questions about who engages workers and how they are paid.  Being able to demonstrate that workers have been paid and taxed appropriately can become a challenge.

Staffing supply chains are longer & more complex
Lack of transparency around pay & how it's calculated
Tax liability
Liability for employment taxes
MSC legislative risk
CFA legislative risk

International Workforces

We offer services in more than 80 countries and can take care of every aspect of engagement, pay and compliance for your international workforce.

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