Compliance Assurance for Established Businesses

Compliance Assurance for Established Businesses

Protecting your business from risk

No Compromise

The financial and reputational consequences of non-compliance can be significant. It pays to make compliance a priority.



Over time, as your business grows, it can become more complex, meaning your compliance risk can increase. You’re likely to be placing more workers for more clients and managing a number of supplier relationships.  What you need is complete transparency for your business, clients and supply chain to ensure all parties are acting compliantly at all times.  But this isn’t easy to achieve.

Compliance is our top priority. And because we want to be your long-term partners, you can rely on us to help you understand and meet your compliance obligations, removing or mitigating risk for your business.  Our services can be flexed as your needs changed, and this responsive support makes all the difference in the ever-changing legislative landscape of workforce engagement.

Overview of Key Risks


The off-payroll legislation (IR35) is a set of tax rules designed to determine employment status for tax purposes and ensure when a contractor provides services using a personal service company (PSC) in a manner that is more akin to employment than a business service, they and their deemed employer pay the correct amount of tax. The rules were reformed in 2017, 2021 and again in 2022.

Affecting all stakeholders of the labour supply chain, the risks, liabilities, and financial consequences of getting the employment status decision wrong can be significant. With ambiguous tax laws, the rules are complex, so it’s important to be well-informed and seek professional advice.

We have extensive experience advising on all matters IR35, creating and deploying proven frameworks and solutions to end clients and recruitment agencies that not only ensure that HMRC ‘reasonable care’ test is met, but produces genuinely compliant status determinations, and contractual and working practice reviews.

Supply Chain Risk
Tax Evasion Legislation
Travel & Subsistence Legislation

How We Can Help

Engage Workers

We offer a complete suite of compliant engagement options.

  • FCSA accredited Umbrella company, established over 30 years
  • FCSA accredited and award-winning PSC accountancy
  • FCSA-accredited CIS self-employment
  • PEO/PAYE solutions

Complete support for your teams & your contractors to ensure compliant engagement at every stage.

Legislative Guidance
Hands-on Support

A Partnership Approach

Your business is unique which is why we will provide the tailored advice and support you need to engage contingent workers compliantly.

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