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Proven Compliance

6CATSPRO, our international services arm, has designed an accreditation to help recruitment businesses demonstrate international compliance.

If you like to do everything right, 6CATS Approved is a great opportunity to make compliance a point of difference for your recruitment business.

Meeting the Challenge

6CATS Approved was launched to help recruiters audit and reduce the risks in contract supply chains while also providing a recognised compliance endorsement.


What is 6CATS Approved?

Setting up a trade body for international management companies is highly impractical, due to the number of countries serviced and the variability of the service and compliance levels in the sector.

6CATSPRO Approved means your business gets a full audit of contractor books and a route map to fix any issues to ensure full compliance across 80+ countries.

Following the audit by the global experts, your business will be given a compliance seal of approval that shows end-hirers you are serious about remaining on the right side of international legislation.

This service supports firms that are expanding their global remit as well as those looking for investment or preparing to be sold.

The new standard

For a number of years, we have considered whether it would be possible for international contractor management providers to have some form of accreditation.

After seeking professional advice, the opinion was that it would be too burdensome for an external company to audit, control and monitor compliance of suppliers providing solutions in 80+ countries around the world.

But with demand for international contractor solutions growing, we knew a better option needed to be found. We rethought how we could offer our agencies complete reassurance that the contractors they manage are compliant and so 6CATS Approved was formed.

International Compliance Assurance

Having a recognised badge of compliance that shows end clients their agency is serious about keeping them safe – and audited by trained experts – will really help the international contractor market. Perhaps more importantly, though, it will help recruitment firms stand out.

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