Employment & Payment of Workers Globally

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Engage contractors across the world, safe in the knowledge that you are doing so compliantly.

Our global contractor payroll service is delivered by the market leader, 6CATS International.



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As one of the leading providers of international contractor payment services, we free up your time & resources so that you can focus on your core business.

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You’re in safe hands – we already deliver complete contractor management solutions to many of the world’s leading recruitment businesses, let us do the same for you.

  • We operate in more than 80 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa & beyond
  • Complete compliance – unique, fully indemnified service to protect both your business and your end users when you use our full solutions.
  • Unrivalled commitment to the highest level of service
  • Friendly and approachable team
Employment & Payment of Workers Globally
Compliance Management Solutions

Working in a foreign country can lead to any number of unforeseen problems, not least where compliance is concerned.  Without expert help, it can be all too easy to make mistakes with tax, social security & immigration laws.

This is why we provide fully compliant solutions wherever you wish to operate.  We appreciate the importance of working with a provider that has the expertise & knowledge you need for complete compliance assurance.  We have both global reach and local knowledge to ensure all your needs are met, working collaboratively with you and your team.

Engagement Structures

Our Payments Commitment

We appreciate the importance of processing payments quickly & accurately. We never hold funds for longer than necessary and have one of the fastest turnarounds of payments in the industry.

  • We reconcile our bank four times each day ensuring international payments are allocated and paid out as soon as possible.
  • All of our international payments are made by ‘international priority payments’ ensuring currency payments are sent as quickly as possible.
  • We cover the cost of sending the payment by ‘international priority payment’ from our bank account.  Most companies send by SEPA, which is significantly cheaper but takes two – four days longer to reach the contractor.
  • For contractors being paid in different currencies we have relationships with some of the best FX companies offering preferential exchange rates to our contractors.
  • We run four UK payrolls each day ensuring our UK contractors are paid as soon as we receive funds from our agency clients.
  • All of our UK to UK transfers are sent by ‘Fasterpay’ at our cost ensuring the contractor receives funds within hours of our payroll run.

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We provide all the support you need to work with international clients and contractors.

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