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Outsource your payroll to us to reduce costs, risks and time spent on compliance

Removing the complexity

For many end hirers and staffing businesses, managing payroll and compliance is a huge distraction.

PEO can be a great solution and an alternative to Umbrella: a simple and reliable way to outsource all your contractor payroll and employment activity.


There are lots of benefits to your business, with reduced costs, risks, & time spent on compliance.  It’s good for workers too – all statutory benefits are taken care of & a simple payslip means greater transparency & less confusion.

Reduce your risk

Our PEO service means you can focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that payments are made accurately and on time, and your compliance responsibilities are taken care of.

We’ll also help you manage the payroll and employment of contractors who are ‘inside IR35’ if you don’t wish to take on the payroll and employment responsibilities.

PEO makes pay simpler to understand which is particularly beneficial to contractors who have to switch from an ‘outside IR35’ to an ‘inside’ working option.

Complete solution

Our PEO service is a complete payroll management & employment solution.  Because it’s simpler for the contractor to understand, it means fewer queries from contractors and more trust for your business from the outset.

Supply chain transparency
Payroll made simple
Statutory rights
Simple invoicing
Dedicated support

How it Works

Being paid via a PEO model works in the same way as PAYE, it’s just that you outsource the administration of your payroll to us.

PEO could reduce the overall cost of placing workers as you’ll only be charged actual employment costs. With Umbrella, on the other hand, you’re committed to fixed cost regardless of NI thresholds, pension contributions etc

PEO is also simpler for your workers as they will see only deductions for PAYE tax, employee National Insurance and their employee pension contribution. They won’t see Employers National Insurance or other employer-related deductions like the Apprenticeship Levy, nor will they see an Umbrella margin.  This makes it easier for workers to understand, particularly if they’ve been used to a PAYE payslip.

Workers paid via PEO still enjoy all the benefits of full employment rights and access to things like Workwell Rewards, our employee perks and discounts scheme.

One of the biggest benefits of PEO to your business is the assurance you get that your payroll is being managed compliantly.

Compliance is particularly important given the 2017 public sector and 2021 private sector changes to off-payroll rules as your business and clients may now carry some of the liability for compliance.  When you outsource to us, you can rest assured that we are doing things the way they should be done.

As well as reducing your risks, our PEO solution helps you achieve efficiencies in administration as you don’t need to invest in running an expensive in-house payroll function.

The Benefits

There are benefits of PEO for your recruitment business and for your contractors.

For your business

PEO operates in much the same way as PAYE, it’s just that we administer it for you so you don’t have to invest in the skills, systems and knowledge to do it right. You get:

  • Compliance guaranteed to protect your business & workers
  • Efficient as you get fewer queries from contractors
  • Cost-effective as you can reduce overheads & improve cash flow
  • Accurate payslips & fast processing of timesheets
  • RTI submissions & BACS payments sorted
  • One consolidated invoice monthly or weekly
  • Dedicated support from our experienced account management teams

For your contractors

PEO is a simple-to-understand solution for your contractors with lots of added benefits.

  • Transparent – a simple-to-understand payslip
  • Employment benefits – includes all statutory benefits
  • Fast – no payment delays
  • Rewarding – our solution includes access to Workwell Rewards
  • Easy – our team is available to provide help 6 days a week
  • Online – access to our online portal 24/7

Your Options

We offer a complete suite of engagement options in addition to PEO.

Here to Help

Our expert team is here to understand your bespoke needs & provide the tailored solutions that enable your organisation to work well.

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