Recruitment Funding

100% Recruitment Funding


Whether you are setting up or scaling up, it’s important you connect with a funder who will enable your growth while they take care of your back-office. We create an environment of opportunity with the most flexible funding in the marketplace.

  • 100% funding of temporary worker and contractor payroll
  • Most flexible permanent placement funding in the marketplace
  • UK and International invoices funded
  • No funding limits, concentration limits or interest charges
  • Your profit paid weekly
  • We do everything on your behalf and in your name – it’s your turnover, your brand, your chosen direction. We enable it.

Outsourced Expertise

Recruitment is a demanding business with no time for distractions.

Our comprehensive solution includes:

  • payroll
  • invoicing
  • bad debt protection
  • credit control & debt collection
  • reporting
  • optional full accounting package
  • expert advice


All for one simple fee charged on your invoicing – so you can focus on developing your business.

Recruitment Funding

Starting a new agency?

Whether it is your first solo business or a new venture for an experienced recruitment director, you know your market, your candidates, and your opportunities. Still, you can be deterred from making a move by uncertainty about cash flow, contractual relationships and numerous things a recruiter can’t be expected to know.


Depending on your previous experience and exposure, you are likely to have challenges which we can help with and there will be time-consuming tasks which we can complete:

  • We can register your company and apply for taxes on your behalf or guide you through the process
  • We will set up and administer your pension
  • We provide you with watertight terms of business and contractual documents
  • We review all client contracts for you to guard against hidden liabilities
  • We protect you from pitfalls, and delays and ensure you set up compliantly


Recruitment Funding

Then once you are ready, our 100% funding and processes prevent you worrying about affordability and cashflow, ensuring that your workers are paid, your invoices raised and insured, your margin paid, and your debt collected seamlessly. You remain in control of your business but have the safety net of expert guidance.

Established agency in need of a better funding partner?

Most established agencies fund via a factoring facility with a bank where they draw down a percentage of their invoice value or via other providers like us, where their temps & contractors are paid directly for them. Established agencies using both these models frequently move to us for their funding and back-office for the reasons opposite.

Whilst we help solve all these problems and many others for our agencies, it is an added advantage that we are one of the biggest payers of contingent workers in the UK and very well established to help you grow internationally.

And when you do grow your agency to a size where you would rather have an in-house back office and a direct funding line with the bank, we will support you to transition to that model as well helping you arrange the funding line.



  • Excessive charges, usually the hidden ones that are not so clear in the contract
  • Ineffective pay and bill service, or current provider’s systems and processes
  • Restrictive growth due to inadequate funding because of insurance or concentration limits
  • Restrictive growth because your provider doesn’t fund international placements
  • Reduced cashflow because your provider doesn’t fund Perm placements
  • Ineffective credit collections and risk management causing you cashflow problems
  • Desire to have everything under one roof, from CRM to accounting services


Why choose us?

Recruitment Funding

A partner you can trust

We have been a trusted provider of specialist recruitment funding and back-office services for almost 20 years. Our business continues to evolve and is future-focussed with increasing technical developments to improve your efficiency, visibility and to take your business to the next level.



Recruitment Funding

Customer service at our core

Our people and outstanding customer service remain at its heart. Our relationship with our clients is not merely transactional, but personal and collaborative with expert advice and support.

Ready to work better?

If you are ready to engage with a different kind of funding partner, it’s time you talked to us.  Get in touch to arrange a discussion.

£270m of invoices funded in last 5 years.
100k timesheets processed per year
£50m of agency invoices raised per year

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