Hiring internationally? Workwell Launches New Brand & Suite of Solutions for International Hirers

6 February 2024

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new brand and suite of solutions which will enable international hirers and recruitment businesses to place workers in roles in more than 80 countries around the world, including the US – and to manage their workforces via a new online portal.

Workwell International Powered by 6CATS combines the breadth of workforce management solutions available from the Workwell group of companies, alongside the international-specific services and expertise of 6CATS International. This further underlines our ability to help businesses hire anyone, anywhere.

Workwell, one of the UK’s largest providers of workforce management solutions, acquired international specialists 6CATS International in 2022. Whilst clients have benefited from the combined services of both companies to date, this is the first time they have been united under one brand.


Workwell International Powered by 6CATS supports recruitment businesses to:

  • Hire permanent and temporary workers in over 80 countries through our own entities in 20 countries and our established partner network.
  • Hire compliantly in all states of the US for temporary or permanent workers, through our own employed solution.


Active in more than 80 countries…


International recruitment is complex. Employment and tax rules vary from country to country. Our service is designed to reduce the complexity whilst keeping recruiters, hirers and workers safe from all the compliance headaches. We operate in more than 80 countries, so wherever businesses need to operate, we’re there.


…and with entities in 20 countries

With our own entities across Europe and the US, we make it even easier and more cost-effective for you to hire compliantly in these jurisdictions. Legislation is changing in many countries, with an increasing preference for employed contractors. We additionally have labour leasing licences in European countries where this is mandated or desired.

Hire in the US

We can employ contractors and permanent workers in all states in the US through our own US entity. We are able to offer a market competitive benefits package, including healthcare, dental and vision. Through our Workwell branded app, contractors are able to efficiently submit their timesheets which end hirers can easily approve. We can pay workers weekly or biweekly, on an hourly rate or a fixed salary.

Manage your US workforce online

Our service will be complemented by an international workforce management portal that gives clients complete visibility and control of international workers. This will help recruitment businesses and workers to access information at the touch of a button, wherever they are in the world.

Recruiters will be able to login to see where new workers are in the onboarding process. They will also be able to access payment information and access a comprehensive document store. Workers will be able to login to upload and manage timesheets, access pay information and use the document store.

With international recruitment on the rise, we know that workers want the flexibility to work from anywhere, and hirers want to access the best talent and skills, wherever they may be. We are excited about the future of Workwell International Powered by 6CATS.

Visit Workwell International for more information.

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