Supply Chain Review

Supply Chain Review

Labour supply chain review & integrity services

Compliance End-to-End

We recognise and understand the specific nuances of the tax and legal requirements surrounding the UK contracting workforce.

By collaborating with each stakeholder across the entire labour supply chain, from the end client, recruitment agency / MSP through to payroll providers, we can ensure all parties understand their respective obligations and operate in a genuinely compliant manner ongoing.


Whether you operate in the public or private sector, each organisation is different and there is no one size fits all

Helping you Simplify

One common theme is a dependency on a contingent workforce to bring flexibility, address skills gaps and manage payroll costs.

The complexities of both tax and employment status requirements are often misunderstood or disregarded and with the introduction of IR35 off-payroll reforms came new obligations for all parties in the supply chain.

With increased actual and perceived risk now sitting firmly with the end client, contracts have become more complex and risk-averse organisations have opted to considerably reduce, or ban altogether, the use of contractors providing services via a PSC or indeed a compliant Umbrella. We can help.

Supply Chain Review

A Proven Framework

Accessing a proven framework, our team work with you to determine the scope of your audit and provide a bespoke approach to suit your needs.

Whether that is providing verification of tax payments, confirming legal obligations are met through the contractual process, or extending to cover broader obligations through workers’ rights or equal pay, our legal and tax teams can navigate you through the process.

Supply Chain Review

Working in Partnership

We support your governance needs and mitigate risk by working with you to ensure your systems and processes have the appropriate integrity to meet the business’ tax and legal compliance obligations – on an ongoing basis – reflecting current and changes to tax evasion legislation and related HMRC ‘Employment Status Manuals’.

More Compliance Support

We provide a wide range of services to help you understand & meet your compliance obligations.

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